Mehmed vs. Suleiman
Updated: 11/2/2020
Mehmed vs. Suleiman

Storyboard Text

  • Mehmed II vs. Suleiman
  • I Suleiman, am the greatest ruler to ever rule!
  • I Mehmed II, am the greatest conqueror to ever live!
  • Mehmed II finds a way past the giant sea chain
  • I have gotten passed the giant sea chain! We are now able to attack from the sea, we will soon conquer Constantinople!
  • Mehmed conquers Constantinople
  • I have done it! I conquered Constantinople after so many have tried, I used my intelligence to find weaker spots , and it worked!
  • Sarah Brinson- 7th Grade
  • Suleiman creates a strong military
  • Mehemed the conqueror came up with the idea to pull boats up a hill on greased logs to get past the giant sea chain in Constantinople blocking them from attacking from the sea.
  • Suleiman leads during a golden age
  • During my time as ruler I have led my empire through a time of expansion. I have built schools, reformed laws, and I reworked the tax system
  • Mehmed II conquered Constantinople, it was very hard to do because they had big strong walls, but Mehmed found a way past it. Conquering Constantinople is one of the Ottoman Empire's biggest achievements.
  • Greatest Ottoman Empire ruler
  • Suleiman was a good leader who created a strong military and was able to grow his empire with the strong warriors.
  • I must make a strong military with brave warriors so I can expand my empire!
  • Suleiman led through a golden age of the Ottoman Empire. He built schools, reformed laws, and he reworked the tax system. He was a good sultan who led them to a high political time and a lot of expansion.
  • I think Mehmed II is the best Ottoman Empire Ruler. He conquered Constantinople, which is one of the biggest achievements of the Ottoman Empire. He also came up with the idea to get passed the sea chain. He was very intelligent, he spoke 7 different languages fluently, and was interested in fine arts, literature, and architecture.
  • I,Mehemd II feel I am the best conqueror and have had the largest impact on the Muslim world. I have conquered Constantinople and had great ideas while conquering. I feel I am an intelligent ruler who is the best Ottoman empire ruler