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Birth in the Dawn
Updated: 2/18/2020
Birth in the Dawn
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Storyboard Text

  • In the beginning, the Earth was hot and the seas were dark. There was no life until there came a cavern darkness and the moonless night darkness. Together, they gave birth to a simple sea life.
  • Then the deep darkness of deep sea and darkness broken by slivers of light gave birth to the fish of the sea.
  • Then the darkness of the night and night that barely breaks into dawn gave birth to flying creatures.
  • Then the light of the earliest dawn and half darkness gave birth to crawling creatures that came from the sea. Next, were the animals that lived on land.
  • Then, in the stillness, as the light of dawn came across the land, a man, a woman, a god, and an octopus came to be. They spread across Earth and now it was day.
  • The darkness symbolizes lack of intelligence, while the light is symbolic of the opposite. This story might actually represent a humans supposed place at the top of the world or food chain or perhaps the intelligence behind human creation as a whole.
  • The story is symbolic of the greatness of humans and other intelligent life, as there is darkness when the first, more simple life forms are created, and light when humans came to be.
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