Final prodcut

Updated: 5/4/2020
Final prodcut

Storyboard Text

  • Jake
  • I told you to clean up these toys you no good slob!
  • Will you at least tell me where you got that bruise?
  • Jake you usually get A's. This is your third D. What's up?
  • Jake Please Stay After Class
  • D-
  • Jake don't you hit him again!
  • Mother's who practice substance abuse are more likely to have psychological deficiencies and abuse their children (Wu, Slesnick, 2020).
  • Tell me what's going on Jake this is a safe place.
  • Principal Jones
  • Abuse can manifest itself in a child's acedemic performance (Mathews et al., 2020). The bruise on Jake's cheek is a common indicator that abuse is present (Noble et al., 2020).
  • We are going to formulate a program just for. So tell me about yourself.
  • Well it all started when my mother used to hit me...
  • Fighting of any kind can be a sign of abuse; fighting classmates is definitely a warning sign (Lawson, 2001).
  • I'm so sorry son for how I treated you. The program I was in really helped me see how to be a better mother!
  • I forgive you mom!
  • By calling her son names and minimizing his worth the mother has caused Jake to feel a heaviness which is a sign of emotional and physical abuse(Smith et al., 2018).
  • My mom hits me because I am messing up her life.
  • Victim's of abuse can often become abusers (Henschel et al., 2014).
  • Programs designed specifically for the abuser are effective forms of rehabilitation for healthier behavior choices. (Cunha, Abrunhosa, 2013)