Sean's Choose Your Adventure
Updated: 6/17/2020
Sean's Choose Your Adventure
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Storyboard Description

Sean's stuck in the maze, and you need to choose the path he takes to get out.

Storyboard Text

  • Sean was at the toy store and he touched a teddy bear and opened an entrance to a secret maze. (READ PANEL TO THE RIGHT)
  • Sean is stuck in the maze, but there are two paths he can take. Does he go to the panel on the right, or the panel down?
  • The right path has an exit to the maze. That was too easy. "Yes, it was," a voice says and Sean replies "There's more to this maze, isn't there?" but no one responds.
  • Sean goes to the left, and opens the treasure chest. The chest is empty and the glowing doorway is actually a magical one way door. Now Sean is stuck in a room. The only thing in there is a button that says that it will send him to the beginning of the maze, but you have learned that looks can be deceiving. "You have failed," a voice says. "I still have the button," Sean replies. (If you choose to press the button, go to the top middle panel.)
  • This leads to a crossroads. The left looks like a glowing doorway, next to a treasure chest, while the right looks like a dead end, with a door that's ready to close and lock forever. Which path will Sean take?
  • Sean goes there, feeling kind of foolish, and finds that the door shuts behind him, but within the now locked door is another door that leads to another room. The new room has a treasure chest that is actually filled with gold and a gateway back to the toy store. Sean's only choice is to go home with the gold and buy stuff with it later on.
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