the aop flop
Updated: 6/3/2020
the aop flop

Storyboard Description

"children blow up building aop deemed responsible"

Storyboard Text

  • At the Association of Parents, there was a conversation going on. One parent said, "When kids get bored, they cause trouble and burn down forests and steal technology from the future and a bunch of other things we have to stop!" So another said, "I'll try an experiment with my kids to see if they stop being bored. I'll give them a hundred dollars to spend at the shop." And a third parent said, "Do that. It's the only kind of plan we've been exposed to as children anyway."
  • The parents did that, but instead of going to Ye Olde Shop, which the parents were obviously talking about, George and Georgia went to the Poink store and bought an infinite source of bombs which they used to power a rocket.
  • And that's how they ended up here.
  • The parents came, saw them and asked, "How are you gonna get down??" and the children replied, "Like this," and they blew up the building.
  • They got down safely even though they used bombs to do it somehow, and the parents were saying, "That was a huge waste of...the destroyed magazines that were in the part of the building you blew up!"
  • Only then did they point out that there was a ladder right there and the parents didn't notice it!