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Philosophy Part 2
Updated: 2/18/2020
Philosophy Part 2
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  • All things are numbers and a correct description of reality can be expressed in terms of mathematical laws.
  • I dont seek ultimatum in some material element.
  • Oh hi there Anaximines. I heard about you air theory. I came to see you because I am worried that you are wrong.
  • I am right and you are wrong. Goodbye, Pythagoras.
  • Oh boy here goes Heraclitus.
  • I believe some other t hings, like all opposites are actually identical. Here me out Py.
  • I am not falling for this numerology thing. I believe that there is an exchange of all things for fire, and fire for all things
  • Did you know that Reality is not composed of a number of things but of a processof continual creation and destruction.,
  • Did you also know that everything is and is not at the same time? You cannot step into the same water twice!
  • Hi Heraclitus. If the world were to end. Everything would seize to exists because beingis rational, and if we are gone, everything is gone because only what is thought can exist.
  • Since “noth-ing” cannot be thought(without thinking of itas something), thereis no nothing, there isonly Being.
  • See, if you say "it is not", meaning nothing exist, then "it is", is something then? NOTHING IS SOMETHING MY! My dear Hearclitus
  • Nothing is capable of inherently changing in any significant fashion because the very substance of reality is unchangeable and 'nothingness' cannot be comprehended
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