mean girls storyboard
Updated: 1/16/2020
mean girls storyboard
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  • sit here, that guy farts a lot.
  • scene 7
  • scene 8
  • we want you to sit here for the whole week, which like, we never do.
  • scene 9
  • she likes you. she's kind of like a little girl.
  • cadys first day of public school is confusing and she gets a little help from Janis and Damian.
  • scene 10
  • cady is on her way to sit with Janis and Damian when the plastics stop her and invite her to sit with them for the week.
  • scene 11
  • Trust me Regina first you bloat and then bang you're skinny!
  • cady was invited to Aaron's Halloween party, but came dressed up like she did when she was a child, clueless of how high schoolers dressed. Regina kissed Aaron, knowing cady had a crush on him.
  • scene 12
  • This crown belongs to all of us!
  • cady is devastated so she runs to Janis and Damian. they comfort her by telling her about revenge. their plan was to get rid of her main sources of power: "Aaron Samuel," "army of sk**ks, and "hot body.
  • she kissed him!!!! how could she????
  • cady pretends to be one of the plastics while carrying out the plan.
  • cady's entire plan gets blown in her face when Regina uses the Burn Book on her. so at the dance when she was crowned queen, she wanted to make up for all the problems she had caused and broke the tiara into pieces for all of the girls there.
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