Black history
Updated: 2/17/2021
Black history

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  • 1600's
  • Death will be better than the slavery I've been put through
  • he is no longer of any necessity to me! Kill him!
  • until they've had enough!(conductors helped fugitive slaves to a safe haven by transporting them throuh an underground railroad)
  • 1800's
  • for years, we were attacked and forcefully taken on ships to serve and be sold
  • Young men who were just starting their lives were taken. Women about to raise children were taken.
  • 10 million to 12 million African Americans have been enslaved
  • Our people deserve better than to be enslaved by white supremacists in the UK and the USA
  • Present day
  • Thanks to our ancestors including Martin Luther King Jr. for fighting for our rights
  • To this day, thousands of dark-skinned people are being enslaved in countries such as UK and India and free people are harassed in the streets for their skin color by certain people! Raise awareness!