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Water Cycle Storyboard-Science
Updated: 11/13/2019
Water Cycle Storyboard-Science
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  • Sup! Right now, I'm being evaporated into the clouds. Its the first step in the water cycle.
  • Us trees also give off water but instead of evaporation, its called transpiration.
  • Im back and were on cloud nine. Literally! Me and my pals are turning into clouds. This is called condensation. Its the second step in the water cycle.
  • Hello and welcome back! I am no longer a single drop! I've joined my pals and now were going down a slope. This is called runoff.
  • This process is called infiltration. This is when water on the surface goes into the soil and becomes groundwater. There is a lot of dirt in this water so it is not clean.
  • After a couple million years, many other layers of soil, dirt, and other rocks and minerals formed on top of me. Now im groundwater. No plants have grown this deep so im just stuck here. *yawns* Im getting tired. Hopefully i'll be released into the ocean. Bye! Im gonna take a short million long nap.
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