Story: Adjectives-Adverbs
Updated: 2/12/2021
Story: Adjectives-Adverbs

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  • Today is such a beautiful day to go on a trip!
  • I think I'm missing something. It's probably... my wallet!
  • Oh no, I'm out of fuel! I'm really scared. Where do I stay?
  • Steffany, a young woman, was leaving her house to start a trip. She seemed to be happy, but that happiness wouldn't last long.
  • I hope tomorrow I get home safely.
  • She started to feel weird while she was driving as if something was missing. She noticed that she had surprisingly forgotten her wallet at home.
  • Could you please take me home?
  • You don't look well. Can I help you?
  • Sure!
  • She tried to get home as fast as she could. It was late at night and it didn't take long for her to run out of fuel.
  • You are nice and fun!
  • You look smart and friendly!
  • Steffany had no option but to spend the cold night outside.
  • In the morning, a boy came and very kindly offered to help her get home.
  • After having an interesting conversation, they became great friends.