aztec religion
Updated: 4/20/2020
aztec religion
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  • Wow! Those chinampas were really cool! But I still need to pray that my dad has a good harvest.
  • C'mon. We can teach our friends about our religion while there.
  • Here is the Teocalli! Teocalli means "god houses" and they're our temples.
  • We believe in many gods. Oh my gosh, it's so hot today!
  • Speaking of hot, the sun is also an important part of our religion. We are "The People of the Sun."
  • Where will Patli and Tupoc pray?
  • Our main god is Huitzilopochtli. He is the father of the Aztecs. But my favorite god is Centeotl, the god of maize. Without him, there would be no tamales!
  • Patli! We wouldn't have maize without Tlaloc, god of the earth, as well as Chicomecōātl, goddess of nourishment and farming.
  • Aztec Temples were called Teocalli, or god houses. They were built like terraced pyramids .They were mostly used for religious ceremonies and sacrifices. Many of the most important religious practices took place at the top of the pyramid. Citizens believed that these pyramid-temples were the homes of the gods and a place of worship.
  • But one bad thing is that human sacrifice is needed to ensure survival of life. I don't want to die! And sometimes, they rip your heart out!
  • The viewed sacrifice as a necessary to repay their gods for this wrongdoings and debts.
  • Wait. did I see Tlaloc? Creepy.
  • The Aztecs were polytheistic. ​The concept of ‘god’ in Aztec society is referred to as ‘Teotl’ in Nahuatl, the language of the Aztec. There were many gods and each represented a different aspect of the Aztec world. The sun was also an important part of Aztec religion. They called themselves "the people of the sun." The thought that they had to pray and practice rituals to give the sun strength to rise every morning. 
  • Cool!
  • I am from Toltoc. I heard you guys talking about the gods, and we have some of the same ones!
  • The different aspects of the world the gods represented included: culture, society, the natural world, food, death, fertility, trade, as well as death and the underworld. However, just because they had many different gods didn't mean that each god was valued equally. Huitzilopochtli was their national god, in charge of war, the sun, and human sacrifice.
  • Give me that tamale!
  • The Aztecs believed that sacrifice was an important part of their lives. Not only would they kill humans, they would also slaughter animals and precious objects as a gift to the gods. The process was brutal. It would take place in a temple, where the victim would be killed. This process was considered to be an honor because your death would be in tribute to the gods and maintain survival of the universe.
  • Give me a human! I am the god!
  • Aztec religion shared many of their beliefs and rituals with other societies in the region. For example, some gods and religious practices were shared with the Mesoamerican societies, including Toltoc and Teotihuacan
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