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Updated: 3/16/2019
Creative Writing
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  • Sarinah!, Robbi! Come here!
  • I have been trying to tell you guys that in no time you will have new mother. Now, let me...
  • Oh NOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!
  • Growing up, my brother and I suffered a lot from our mother's sudden death. And as the years go by, the pain became more bearable, yet we still could never had the thought of replacing our dear mother.
  • Time passed by and we were less worried since my dad did not give any sign of potential settlement with a new person. And then one day, by the way he called us, we immediately sensed something new was going to happen.
  • The rest faded away because we were not paying attention to him anymore. All we could think about was how those words changed our life for the better, but that part we did not realized it yet.
  • -"OMG! Has Daddy become crazy! How could he ever thinks that we would find it totally cool for him to give us a new Mama!", I exclaimed the second we reached back our bedroom. -" I know right, I hate her already! I bet you she would be all rude and mean and be thinking that she can order us around!, responded my brother. -" Oh, no! She would not dare!" I said back.
  • -" Don't forget that she is coming next week, kids. And please, clean this house!", my father threw at us the next day. -"Whatever.", we both murmured under our breath.
  • The next days, worried of how our lives are going to turn around, we kept imaging the worst scenario possible of how she is going to be and what she will say. In our thought, we were certain that a good stepmother never exist and the movies we have watched have proved it.
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