A thousand splendid suns

Updated: 5/21/2020
A thousand splendid suns

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  • My life has been quite complicated; my dad doesn´t really care about me, my mom passed away and i had to marry a shoemaker.
  • My name is Mariam, i'am 15.
  • I'm Nana's and Jalil's daughter, their harami.
  • Even if i'm sad or mad, i'm trying to survive to all situatuion.
  • My name is Nana, Mariam's mother.
  • Nana commits suicide when Mariam goes looking for Jalil.
  • lived as Jalil's maid until she became pregnant with Mariam (Jalil's daughter)
  • I'm Jalil, Mariam's father.
  • I live in Herat, I have three wives and nine legitimate children
  • I´m Mariam´s father, I always visited her on Thursdays at the Kolba. And tell her histories.
  • I'm a very patient man who listens to all the stories, ideas and thoughts of Mariam.
  • I have a son named Hamza who is a few years older than Mariam.
  • I'm Mullah Faizullah, Mariam's tutor.
  • I visit Mariam once or twice a week from Gul Daman to teach the five daily Namaz prayers and instruction in reciting the Koran.
  • I'm an old man with a toothless smile and a white beard.
  • I owned a cinema, land in Karokh, land in Farah, three carpet stores, a clothing shop, and a black 1956 Buick Roadmaster.
  • I'm Rasheed, Mariam's husband and a friend of business acquaintance.
  • I´m a shoemarker, I have my own shop, and I am one of the most soughtafter shoemarkets in Kabul
  • I'm a good friend of Mariam
  • I'm Laila
  • Rasheed's second wife.
  • My best friend is Tariq, (also is the love of my life)