Updated: 5/20/2020

Storyboard Text

  • Once upon a time, there was a beautiful arabic girl who had hard struggles in life. Her father died in the Lebanon War when she was 18. Later, her mother died from an illness. Arabella, all alone, was forced to attend a boarding school.
  • The only way for Arabella to attend this boarding school, is she would have to clean and do chores to pay for her education. The principal, Nadia, was very mean and evil along with her two daughters, Meriam and Zainab. They made fun of Arabella because they were rich, and she wasn't.
  • In her dorm room, two birds flew in, and had a conversation with Arabella. She was always great at talking to animals. They told her all of the secrets of the school. She had a nice teacher named Fatima who always looked out for her when the principal was mean, and made her feel better when she was sad. Fatima was the only person Arabella had.
  • Arabella was so excited to go to the Eid (holiday) Festival with the both boy and girl boarding school but was sad when the principal didn't let her go and made her stay to do chores.
  • While Arabella was crying, birds came in and told her to go to the festival, but she said, "I can't Principal Nadia is going so see me." All of a sudden, her teacher Fatima grabbed her magic branch that she got from her grandmother that she used on Arabella to make her fancy for the festival. Arabella was so thankful and rushed off to the festival.
  • Arabella saw the most popular kid from the boys school, the president's son. He thought that Arabella was so pretty and she got very lucky to dance with him, but she saw Principal Nadia coming and ran off. She dopped her locket that has been in her family for years. Hassan (the presidents son) found it and returned it to her. They fell in love and lived happily ever after.