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Origin Story
Updated: 10/5/2020
Origin Story
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  • Long long ago, in the beginning, a divine presence, known as God or Allah, created everything humanity knows of.
  • Through this, humanity was able to learn that God and his works were sacred. Humans were called to protect his creations and worship his existence.
  • 3000 years ago, a man known as Abraham or Ibrahim, was told by God that he would have several descendants that would rule the land. 
  • However, Abraham and his wife, Sarah also known as Sarai, were beginning to question God’s promise when Sarah couldn’t conceive a child.
  • So, Abraham went to have a son with someone else. He eventually had two sons when his wife was able to have another. 
  • One day, God told him to sacrifice his son. Abraham did not question why, he was simply going to do it without hesitation
  • Just as Abraham was about to sacrifice his son...
  • God quickly told him to stop because he was testing Abraham's faith. The Abrahamic religions differ on which son was sacrificed. Christians and Jewish people believe it’s Isaac, whereas Muslims believe it was Ishmael.
  • This story teaches the followers of these faiths that God has a personal relationship with humanity. Eventually, Abraham’s sons continue on the legacy which furthers each religion's faith.
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