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science work 3.0
Updated: 8/5/2020
science work 3.0
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  • Now we are going to boil water inside of an in class. As the flame is on you would put the beaker on top of the flame. As the flame is a lot hotter than the beaker the flames's heat will transfer to the beaker as it is the cooler object. This type of heat transfer is called conduction. After the beaker has heated up the particles will then vibrate against each other and then slowly separate as it gets hotter with energy. The temperature of the flame and the beaker will then be the same as heat was transferred.
  • Today is a beautiful day with a lovely sun. You don’t always have to touch a heater to feel radiation. This is because heat has many forms and can flow through liquids and gases this is called convection. As you would be sitting in the lab on a sunny day you would want to have your windows open. As it is a hot day you decide to leave your water on the desk. The sun will shine its heat on the water as the rays of heat will be traveling through the air to later heat up your water. When you would come back to your desk to drink some water you would stop because the water is too hot. This is because the cold water is less dense than hot water, therefore it sinks to the bottom of the pot and gets heated as for the hot water that's already at the top of the bottle and rising.
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