Comic Strip / Storyboard - Behavioral Cues
Updated: 4/16/2020
Comic Strip / Storyboard - Behavioral Cues

Storyboard Text

  • im going to explain what body language cues are seen, things we can do to make the patient more comfortable or how we can stay safe
  • The dog’s eyes have a fixed gaze on the target.
  • the body language that the dog shows when its very aggressive / defensive are
  • Growls, snarls, or barks in a loud, low threatening tone.
  • The launched biting attack will most likely be repeated and unrelenting.
  • The dog may roll over and offer the underbelly as a sign as submission.
  • Dog may blink often, yawn, or lip lick excessively.The muscles in the body whole body are very tense.
  • The back is hunched or arched with the tail tucked between its legs, the head slung low, and ears flattened against the skull.
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