Gold Rush By: Taran Krish and ZANE

Updated: 5/22/2020
Gold Rush By: Taran Krish and ZANE

Storyboard Text

  • Gold Rush by: Taran, Krish, and Zane
  • British Columbia, 1858
  • I work for the Hudson's Bay Company.
  • 3 weeks later
  • Zane: Hello people of the 21st century. Today I am going to show you what happened in the Gold Rush of 1858. My friends and I will be the narrator's and actor's of this documentary to reenact what happened in the Gold Rush.
  • Krish: I found gold! We can't let people talk about it to much other wise the American's from the Gold Rush of San Francisco who failed to get gold will come and take all the gold, and we will not get any gold for ourselves. We should make this British territory.
  • Taran: In a couple of weeks word spread and more than 30,000 American's flocked to Canada to get gold. Most of them were probably American's coming from the San Francisco Gold Rush because they failed to get gold in it.
  • Taran: I James Douglas governor of Britsh Coloumbia declare that no one is allowed to carry a weapon unless told to by a government official!
  • From now on no one is allowed to carry weapons!!!!!
  • Zane: The miner's have polluted the water and hunted the Indeginous food.
  • Krish: because of the Gold Rush gold was beginning to run out, so some people left. Also James Douglas made a policy on first nations reserve. Because of all of this Vancouver became more diverse.