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Julius Caesars Storyboard - Dion Sebastian 1E -Author: William Shakespeare
Updated: 3/28/2020
Julius Caesars Storyboard  - Dion Sebastian 1E  -Author: William Shakespeare
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Dion Sebastian 1E

Storyboard Text

  • To celebrate this victory Rome even considered this day to be a holiday for them.
  • Julius Caesar was an avid historian and brilliant strategist on the battle field as well as an Astute Politician.He also helped military veterans.
  •  Here he had just returned from winning a battle against the merciless Pompey.He was receiving great admiration for this success, but some people weren't happy about this.
  • They decided to send him a message to come over to the Capitol to meet them for an urgent meeting.
  • Senators Capitol
  • They all waited with weapons of their choice for Julius' arrival.
  • The Senators and a bunch of conspirators realised he was gaining too much power and plotted against Caesar. They carefully planned hisassassination
  • Julius' wife tried to warn him and he took notice of this. However, he was persuaded later on to attend this meeting for something special would happen.
  • Ive had a bad dream, you get murdered when you go this meeting, honey, please don't go!
  • For:Julius Caesar
  • Julius made his way to the Capitol hurriedly but he was wondering where everyone was. He hadn't seen anyone.
  • It was getting late and the moon was full as he entered through the door.
  • This entire situation seemed suspicious and Julius remembered what his wife told him but did want to turn back.
  • The conspirators plan succeeded and the Senators there and then took turns stabbing Caesar constantly until he died.
  • It is said that over 60 people were involved in theassassination of Julius Caesar.
  • "You too Brutus?"Julius said in great disappointment with his last breathe
  • Some people were absolutely frightened and shocked so they sprinted away for their lives.
  • His friends mourned for him and sought their revenge on the people who killed him and forcefully took justice.
  • In Loving Memory Of our dear Juilius Caesar
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