bio superpower mutations hw
Updated: 3/15/2021
bio superpower mutations hw

Storyboard Text

  • So, how much poison can Anti-Poison have and not be affected? The trait from this mutation is that Anti-Poison is able to have 80 times the arsenic needed to kill someone, but he won't be effected or have any health effects. This is a very beneficial mutation and power, especially for the battles Anti-Poison has been in.scroll
  • Anti-Poison was born in a small village in Argentina, where since birth, he and his family have been drinking water laced with arsenic in it, which made them immune to poison. Anti-Poison has family with the same powers as him, but he is the only one that's a hero in the family. scroll
  • Anti-Poison is such a cool hero! I wish I had a cool mutation like that, he's so lucky!!