teffila project
Updated: 1/5/2021
teffila project

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  • YAY no school today I can't wait to hang out with my friends.
  • but.. but...
  • Sweetie don't forget to daven before you hang out 
  • whats the point in davening if i dont even know what the words mean!
  • exactly,each day I will teach you a new tefillah in davening. Let's start off with the Brachot
  • we also ask Hashem for physical stregnth to so we will make it throughout the day knowing that He's helping us. 
  • The Bracha הַנוֹתֵן לַיָּעֵף כֹֹּֽחַs when Hashem gives someone emotinal strength to overcome tiredness so when you don't wanna wake get up in the morning you are listenong to you yetzer hara
  • that was very interesting, than you mom but can i go hang out with my friend now
  • yes ofcoures, but fisrt get dressed1
  • the next day......
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