The Scenes
Updated: 3/18/2020
The Scenes

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  • There is a free ticket to the White House tomorrow morning...
  • I'll take care of everything. JUST COME!
  • How do you think we can afford all the flight costs.. as passengers?
  • Sorry.. no funny language
  • Awesome Trip-time!
  • Hello! I'm the driver for your 500 km drive!
  • Who told you that?
  • As you all don't like flights, we're making the drive to the White House
  • I am so excited!
  • The family argued, until the confused boy yelled "OK", to settle the argument topic. Due to his will, the parents agreed to go.
  • What are you looking at? Get us into that White House monument!
  • At least it is raining! Right time of the day!
  • Unlike what it looks like, the boy was NOT excited for the trip. It was the thought of nervous behaviour at the monument.
  • This is not fun- it's a misunderstood offer!
  • That's the only valid point you've made regarding the White House trip!
  • 1,2,3,4, oh I'mhallucinating!!
  • The driver was simply excited for his trip after months.. to catch a glimpse.
  • HELP US U.S.A.!Oh.. it feels like hallucination!
  • The unsuspecting family got into the White House, when a new 'force region' made them fly around the White House. *Note: Due to lack of space in 6 cells this scene cannot be shown. Any presentation confusion is regretted.
  • Called them NOW! Wait a minute, please! Oh the rain!
  • They magically floated, and the colour of their clothes changed; they got what they dreamed of.. but not all you dream of is something you want in experience, right?
  • Shouldn't someone of you SAVE US!!!
  • Don't worry.. they moved out safely. MEANWHILE: The boy hallucinated and White House thoughts went simply out-of-focus.