the pickpocket
Updated: 12/10/2020
the  pickpocket

Storyboard Text

  • the man of black it's hear!
  • it's hear
  • The man of black did a crime...
  • the man of black...
  • The man of black did a crime...
  • The man of black did a crime...
  • It was a darck night in allley percks... 
  • The alley percks was one of the most mysterious places in the city. Stranger things always happened. But the big fear of the people who passed by was the man in black, people were panicking. The alley at 7pm in the afternoon people entered their houses scared that they had.
  • The people said -that man of black did a crime in the past.This information it was true, because a police officer told in interview, bat after tow weeks of publishing it was cancelated.
  • The In alley percks in the alley there was a very important art museum with magnificent works. it was rumored that there would be a robbery and steal a painting where there was a dog. They said that this painting was very apreciated.
  • On November 12, at 12pm at night, someone entered in the museum, a black man entered, you couldn't see his face.
  • Someone stole the painting. but the person who stole it said goodbye and the character of his identity fell when he took the picture.
  • In the morning, the police went to his house and arrested him. The most mysterious thing about this case was that, the interview and the crmiminals files disappeared and no one ever knew the truth of everything or the truth of the story.