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Classical Conditioning
Updated: 11/20/2019
Classical Conditioning
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  • 2 Weeks Later...
  • Classical Conditioning is the process of learning in which a response naturally elicited by one stimulus becomes elicited by a different formally neutral stimulus.
  • I ordered a burger and fries!
  • What did you get to eat?
  • It's actually not very good... I don't think they cooked it long enough.
  • How's your burger? It looks yummy!
  • Food poisoning is the unconditioned stimulus, and the upset stomach is the unconditioned response.
  • I think I might have gotten sick from the burger I ate earlier!
  • The hamburger is now considered a conditioned stimulus, and the feeling of an upset stomach is the conditioned response.
  • Ehhh...Ever since I got sick, even thinking about burgers makes my stomach hurt.
  • Want to get burgers again for dinner?
  • An extension called generalization, has caused the girl to feel sick whenever she thinks about any kind of meat.
  • Ugh, you don't get it. Thinking about ANY meat makes my stomach hurt.
  • That stinks! I've heard their chicken fingers are good...
  • Now you’re talkin!
  • How about we go get spaghetti at the Italian place?!
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