Well Being Comic Strip
Updated: 1/30/2020
Well Being Comic Strip
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  • Hi, I'm Meredith, and I am about to graduate college! Here are a few of the practices that I do in order for me to maintain my state of good overall well-being
  • I wish that I had started to think about my well-being while I was still in school
  • Lets take care of my emotional well being by taking a couple minutes to lay down
  • Meredith will take care of her emotional well-being by trying to take at least 30 minutes to herself everyday so that she can either take a nap or just take a breather so that she can get into the right head space
  • I'm really emotionally stressed and could use some time to de-stress
  • Almost every day, I am expanding my intellectual horizon by going to my classes everyday. Just today I learned how to perform a brain surgery!
  • Since Meredith is in college, she is expanding her intellectual well being every day by learning new things in school to eventually get a medical degree
  • Swimming is my favorite sport and allows me to get great exercise for my physical health
  • Meredith takes care of her physical care of her body by going to swim practice every day for her college swim team. She also eats healthy food so that she can swim at her best ability
  • Meredith will go out with her friends in her classes to the library to study in order to take care of her social well being. She will also call home once or twice a week in order to check on her family back home
  • We all like to hang out with each other, because it provides a good outlet for us to gain social interaction throughout our busy schedules
  • I wish that I would have planned for my financial future, because I am already $30,000 in debt!
  • All of the money that Meredith has earned by working at her college gift shop has been saved in order for her to finish paying of her student loan debt, and hopefully to plan to pay for a good medical school
  • Since I am almost finished with school, I need to start saving up the money that I make working in order to be financially set for my future
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