George Washington's History Part 1
Updated: 3/18/2020
George Washington's History Part 1

Storyboard Text

  • Colonel Washington, command my troops to capture a nearby base where the french are hiding their armory.
  • Understood, I will capture the fort to advance our winning for this war.
  • I'm happy we won the French and Indian war, soon we will get promoted and payed!
  • Agreed, I can't wait for what happens next.
  • That's it!, I'm not obeying that tyrant king you insist calling the government, I'm rebeling against the king with all the colonist to form a new country in which freedom will be going to all the people of the 13 colonies!
  • The British Army has decided to demote your position and you, your army, and the citizens will have to pay taxes to the government!