Updated: 4/16/2020

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  • You will each create a diorama of a scene from your favorite book
  • eMpowerment & Interest
  • Book Dioramas:One SceneCharactersPropsArt
  • Which scene should I do from Diary of a Wimpy Kid?
  • This is so cool! I can't wait to make mine.
  • I'll do something from Junie B Jones!
  • Monday, April 15th,2020
  • Some of these slides look alike, How do I know what goes where?
  • Success
  • As you look at each slide on the microscope, write down what you see
  • Slide A and D are alike, so they must go together!
  • I remember this from the chapter reading!
  • You're doing an excellent job identifying the differences between similar slides
  • Usefulness
  • I make music and post it online!
  • The internet is a never ending resource for anything you may need or want. Who can tell me what they use the internet for?
  • In this scene, the teacher is giving the students the opportunity to choose their own scene and book for the dioramas. This will encourage students to create something that they're interested in and enjoy.
  • The expectations for the class are on the board, and the teacher is providing positive feedback to the students. While the students might find the assignment a little challenging, they know that they can exceed with effort and studying.
  • In this scene, the class is working on a lesson about the internet. The teacher asks the students to describe how they use the internet in their everyday lives. This connects the lesson to the students' personal interests and the real world.
  • I use it to talk with my best friend across the country!
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