The Rich,poor Girl Story/how she overcome her parents death
Updated: 3/19/2020
The Rich,poor Girl Story/how she overcome her parents death

Storyboard Description

a girl was very rich and lived with her parents in a very rich mansion.A couple days later, her parents die from a disease.Luckily, she survived but is sent to get a job all by herself.She gets rejected but then a little while after,she find a job.Then she goes to college when she gets enough money and marries her husband.She now has kids and is living a very happy life. THE END

Storyboard Text

  • Sarah is a 15 year old and her parents are very wealthy. They live in a huge mansion and are rich. They are very lucky because they're the only ones who have survived the Cholera in India.
  • I love you mum and dad
  • we are lucky to have a place like this
  • Yes, we are
  • Two years later, Sarah's parents died from the Cholera because of a hospital appointment. Now, Sarah has no home and has to find a job.
  • Why!Why did this have to happen to me!
  • Um,um m-may I-I-I have a j-job-b
  • So, Sarah headed out onto the streets to find a job. She asked this lady but said NO so Sarah is still poor and has no one to work for.
  • 2 weeks later, Sarah finally finds a job at the cafe. She earns a lot of money and the manager is very nice and kind to her.
  • Hi, how can I help you?
  • Hello
  • May we have a coffee and two donuts please