The weird guy on the Bench
Updated: 9/9/2020
The weird guy on the Bench

Storyboard Description

One day Emily was waiting for her dad to pick her up and she went to sit at a bench. On that bench was Alex a guy who didn't have the best childhood but adapted to change, so Alex saw Emily and thought she was pretty cute and he wanted to take her out. So Emily sat on the bench with her arms crossed and waited for her dad. And that's when Alex took his shot and asked her out. Emily rejected him and Alex wanted to know why so he asked"Is it because im ugly" and Emily said its not bc hes ugly but because his mustache is weird and his outfit after that her dad showed up and Alex and Emliy parted ways.

Storyboard Text

  • Should I ask her out she looks pretty cute
  • Hey beautiful you think i could get your number and take you out sometime?
  • No i'm good thanks though.
  • Uhh why not? Am I ugly or something *laughs*
  • No your not ugly your mustache is weird and your outfit is weird. Anyways bye
  • These youngings back in my day all we had to do was het out a car and we were sold