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Voting in America - Part 2
Updated: 3/28/2019
Voting in America - Part 2
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  • However there were people that were unhappy about these advancements. Racist and misogynistic people used legal and brute force tactics to repress minorities.
  • Women have been trying to vote since the start of the country, but we're still not allowed to.
  • My people have been here for centuries and they still wont let us vote.
  • The Chinese were brought in to build their railroads, but now we are being denied citizenship and rights.
  • The government said we could vote in the 15th amendment, but states wont let us.
  • In 1890 Wyoming gained statehood and became the first state that allowed women to vote.
  • I heard son, its certainly good to hear our work is paying off.
  • Did you hear? Wyoming is a state and women can legally vote here.
  • Women kept on fighting for this right and in 1920, the 19th amendment passed which officially allowed women all over the country to vote.
  • As of today, August 18, 1920, women all across America can vote!
  • Native Americans had been forced to fight for their citizenship and rights since colonial times. In New Mexico during 1947, Miguel Trujillo Sr. sued the state for denying him the right to vote. It took a lot of fighting in court, but he won and both New Mexico and Arizona had to let Native Americans vote.
  • No state can deny Native Americans the right to vote.
  • Meanwhile Asian Americans had been having their rights squandered for decades. But in 1952, the government agreed that Asian Americans could apply for citizenship, and therefore vote.
  • That means we can finally vote in a election.
  • We're officially citizens now!
  • But when people think of voting rights in recent history, they tend to think of MLK and the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the 24th amendment. Both of which helped repressed minorities get the opportunity to vote.
  • As of this day forth discrimination and segregation are outlawed, including in terms of voting.
  • It's about time.
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