physics sport comic

Updated: 10/15/2020
physics sport comic

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  • Big sis! Why isn't the soccer ball moving? I thought that soccer balls are supposed to move?
  • Okay Sis, i hope you're right..
  • Relax Emily! The reason the ball isn't moving because you didn't apply any force to it. Newton's first law states that an object in rest will remain unless acted upon by a force. If you kick the ball you'll add force on the ball and move the ball!
  • Wow! It worked! I never knew that you had to apply force, Thanks big sis!
  • See? By kicking the ball and adding force you have moved the ball like you wanted! The longer your foot was on the ball the more impulse you create. The more impulse the farther your ball went!
  • What did you do that for you trouble makers!
  • You see Samantha, If you apply your foot on the ball, you can make the ball go farther due to increasing the impulse!
  • I guess i'll try...
  • Watch Out!!
  • I guess i put a little too much force on the ball....
  • Sorry Sir.....