The Glass Castle
Updated: 10/5/2018
The Glass Castle
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  • "Ding-dong the witch is dead" (Walls 180)
  • "Honey you ain't gettin him nowhere like that...Here, let me give you a lift home." (Walls 182)
  • "Mom, Uncle Stanley is behaving inappropriately" (Walls 184).
  • Rex was very upset about Erma's death, but Lori and Jeannette made jokes about her. Rex felt that they were acting disrespectful.
  • This is so gross!!
  • After his mother's death, Rex went on a drinking bender lasting four days. Rose Mary sent Jeannette to find him. Jeannette checked the bar and found him, but he was so drunk he couldn't walk.
  • Look What I found!
  • While at her grandfathers house to bath, Uncle Stanley starts touching Jeannette inappropriately. She tells her mom and her response is that she's not hurt so there's nothing wrong.
  • You need to leave dad, mom.
  • After a large amount of water hit the area after a land mine collapsed, the family realized they were too high up to get any damage. The rain though, had made their house gross and moldy. Jeannette believed that something had to be done but her mother didn't understand her.
  • While walking, Jeannette and Brian stumble upon a diamond ring in which they decide to take back and give to Rose Mary, who decides to keep it instead of selling it for food.
  • Jeannette told Rose Mary she needed to leave dad because he was dragged them down with him. Rose Mary said she couldn't leave him because it was against their faith, and she loved adventure.
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