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Updated: 9/17/2018
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  • Oh look! After repeating Oersted’s work, I found out something! If electric current flow in the same direction in two nearby parallel wires, the wires attract one another; if electric currents flow in opposite directions the wires repel one another!
  • Wait a second! I just discovered something amazing!
  • André-Marie Ampère, someone's calling for you!
  • On the other hand...
  • Michael Faraday! Soon after Hans Christian Oersted discovered the phenomenon of electromagnetism, we tried to design an electric motor, but we failed.
  • What's wrong guys?
  • I have built two devices to produce what I call "electromagnetic rotation". Is this a glimpse of what would eventually develop into an electric motor which is based on Hans Christian Oersted’s discovery that a wire carrying electric current has magnetic properties?
  • After discussing the problem with them...
  • And then we jump to another timeline...
  • Excuse me, but I would like to ask about your work in electromagnetism, James Clerk Maxwell.
  • I am inspired to analize their works, especially Faraday's!
  • Oersted, Ampere, and Faraday
  • I just used mathematics to investigate the fundamental causes of electrical and magnetic behavior, producing what are, to professional physicists, some of the most beautiful equations they use – "Maxwell’s Equations".
  • What was yours all about again?
  • It was fun reminiscing the old times!
  • Each of us contributed in the development of the EM theory!
  • How about you, Heinrich Hertz?
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