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Updated: 12/5/2019
Latin Project
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  • Shot an arrow at Menelaus so the trojans and greeks get mad!
  • Hector has to tell his family goodbye and then finds Paris playing with his weapons like toys. He yells at him because he is the cause of the war. They go back in battle and push the Greeks back.
  • We had to give my wife back to her father so I'm taking yours.
  • Fine I won't fight for you!
  • Thesis dips her son Achilles in the River Styx so he could not die in battle. His mom dipped him in the river and it worked everywhere but his ankle. His ankle did not work because his mom did not want to drop him.
  • Sucker!!
  • Rhesus has the best horses.
  • Athena tells Pandanus to shot an arrow at Menelaus so the Trojans and Greeks fight. I t works ad they have battle. Diomedes kills lots of people until he is hit in the shoulder by an arrow.
  • The sooth sayer says the only way to end the sickness is to return the girl to her father. Because of this Odysseus takes Achilles wife. He refuses to fight for him until he gets her back.
  • Both sides decide to send spies but the Greeks caught the Trojan spy. They get him to tell them where the good horses are and he thinks they will let him go but instead they cut his head off and go take the horses.
  • Zeus send a lightning bolt against the greeks and Agamemnon thinks that they should retreat. Everyone else wants to stay but the sooth sayer says that they need to go get Achilles. Achilles won't fight until they have been pushed back to his ship.
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