R&R pt.2
Updated: 11/5/2018
R&R pt.2
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  • While the wolves slept, Faustulus came to take the boys back to his house to raise them like humans. For many years, himself and his wife took care of Romulus and Remus. Over time, the twins developed basic human needs such as eating, walking, talking etc. Although, they never fully lost there wolf-like ways.
  • Over the years, stories of the twins spread across towns and communities until one day, Their grandfather Numitulus, who was banished to the far side of the kingdom. He wanted to meet the 2 young men so asked his guards to bring them to him.
  • "Guard, please bring me the 2 Heroic Twins"
  • As soon as he saw them, he was shocked about there resemblance to his daughter Silva. After asking questions about there lives and their stories, he quickly realized that he was the Grandfather of Romulus and Remus. After telling them about what happened as they were a child, they made a plan to get back the throne.
  • They planned to recruit soldiers of the men that they have helped over the years. Then, they would attack Amulius and his army while they slept. Finally, they would go to the temple of Mars to rescue their mother. Because of their strength and forces, their plan worked. Silva returned to the castle and Numitor re-gained his throne.
  • In memory of there great victory, the twins decided to build a city fo the banks of the Tible River, where they were found. Over time, the city grew larger and larger - but they argued on what to name it.
  • Remus wanted the city to be named Rem because he had designed the temples. Romulus wanted the city to be named Rome because he designed the houses. Since both brothers retained the wildness of when they were raised by wolves, they fought until death - and Remus died. So, the city was named Rome. Later on, he became the King of Rome and became a noble god.
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