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Updated: 6/17/2019
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  • When Macbeth comes across the witches and they aretelling Macbeth all the things that he will become andhow they are going to be with him to guide him throwit
  • Before Macbeth and Banquo enter the castle for theparty and they have a conversation about the witches they just saw
  • when king Duncan gets killed by Macbeth in his sleep when his guards are not awake
  • when Banquo is killed in the swamp by the threemurders but they let Fleance escape
  • when Macbeth is at the table and he is acting all weird because he knows Banquo is dead but other people don't and there are things that are setting him off about what they are saying
  • When everyone goes to kill Macbeth at his castleafter they figure out that the was the one that kill all of the other people and taking there ranks
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