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Romeo and Juliet Storyboard Part 3
Updated: 12/19/2018
Romeo and Juliet Storyboard Part 3
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Storyboard Description

Act 5, Scene 1 - 3

Storyboard Text

  • Act 5, Scene 1
  • "Her body sleeps in Capels' monument,/And her immortal part with angels lives (5.1.18-19)."
  • Act 5, Scene 2
  • "I could not send it - here it is again -(5.2.14)."
  • Act 5, Scene 3
  • "Here's to my love! O true apothecary,/ THy drugs are quick. Thus with a kiss I die(5.3.119-120)."
  • This scene begins the conclusion of Romeo and Juliet. Here, Balthasar informs Romeo that Juliet had died. Romeo then buys poison and leaves for Verona.
  • In this scene, Frair Laurence's plan begins to fall apart. Frair John tells Laurence that he could not get the letter to Romeo. The then hurriedly leave for the vault.
  • This final scene brings everything to a close. Romeo comes to the vault to find Paris and a 'dead' Juliet. Romeo and Paris fight, ending with Paris' death. Romeo then takes his poison. Finally, Juliet wakes up to find Romeo dead. She stabs herself with Romeo's dagger. This convinces Montague and Capulet to end their dispute.
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