Shrey Reddy -ICT self reflection
Updated: 7/17/2020
Shrey Reddy -ICT self reflection
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  • Hey Kiaran, I was thinking of getting a new device. Which is better, a PC or a laptop?
  • Well Shrey, a PC is mainly used at work, home and school as it is designed to be placed on a desk.
  • Laptops are battery powered computers that are more portable than PCs.
  • I like how the laptop is portable! That makes it convenient!
  • Most laptops have the same type of ports found on PCs, but usually less to save space. A laptop has an all in one design with built in components. Laptops have the same power as a PC and they tend to be more expensive than PCs with the same internal components.
  • I may have to save up for a while to get a laptop.
  • A laptop's battery allows you to use it when it's not plugged in, it also recharges which can provide back up power if the power goes out.
  • Wow! That is really helpful!
  • Laptops are also easier to set up, with fewer cables. The built in components make it fully functional when no peripherals are connected.
  • Thanks Kiaran! After your explanation I think a laptop is more for me!
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