Curation Project: Cody

Updated: 10/5/2021
Curation Project: Cody

Storyboard Text

  • Hi! My name is Cody, my pronouns are he/him. I'm 15 years old, I am the oldest of five children, so I don't have much free time. I help out my dad & grandma when I'm not in school. I love riding my skateboard and writing fan fiction!
  • Sometimes I stay up all night to finish a two page paper for school. I try so hard, but I'm falling behind in class and I'm too embarrassed to talk to my teacher about it.
  • I daydream about being a pro skateboarder one day, or maybe a writer. My dad always tells me to stop daydreaming! I get distracted a LOT. I wish I could talk to someone about it.