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Unknown Story
Updated: 9/15/2020
Unknown Story
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  • Ugg! I am getting soaked. I am going to my bed, and I am going to write in my dairy.
  • Take cover!!!!!
  • Rarrrrr!!!!!
  • This bracelet hurts my arm!!!
  • Rarrrrrrrr!
  • Hey! That's one of the lord's bracelet!
  • Hummm. Are you Eastace by any chance
  • They leave Narrowhaven. They get caught in a huge storm. There was huge waves, and rain was pouring down! Eastace starting writing in his journal more.
  • Rippppp
  • In the middle of dinner, they realized that Eastace was gone. They sent out a search party. Eastace fell asleep in a dragons cave, after the dragon died. He found a bracelet, and put it on. When he awoke he was a dragon!! His arm hurt because the bracelet was tight. He flew back to camp.
  • Push the sea serpent. Push it!
  • Eastace No!!!!!
  • ahhhhhh
  • At camp everybody was scared of Eastace. They asked him if he could understand them. He nodded. They asked him if he could speak. He shook his head. Caspian knew that it was one of the lord's bracelet. They asked him questions, and found out that it was Eastase!
  • Ouch! I am sitting on Narnian armor!!!
  • Look there is a golden man in the bottom of the lake
  • I can use my spear to try and get it out.
  • Eastace meets Aslan at night, and Aslan takes him to a big well. Aslan tells Eastace to rip off his skin. So Eastace dose. He keeps ripping off his skin, but new skin appears. Aslan helps him with the last few. Eastace swims in the well and realizes that he is a boy again. He tells this to Edmund first, and then the rest. Everyone is happy that Eastace is a boy now. They name the island Dragon Island They leave Dragon Island and the bracelet.
  • They are on the ship, and they see lumps in the water moving towards them. The lumps turn out to be a sea serpent!!!! Eastace tries to stab it with his sword. The sword did not hurt it. Reepicheep told them to push the serpent. They push it and it brakes the tail of the Dawn Treader. Everyone is ok!
  • They go to an island and sit on Narnian armor. They find a gold man in the bottom of the lake. Edmund puts his spear in the water and it turns to gold. He drops it because it is heavy. Then he gets some water on his boots and they turn to gold. They realize that the man in the lake was one of the lords that was going to take a bath on a hot day and he turned to gold. They start to go at each other. I think the island was doing something to their minds.They name the island Death Water. They leave the island.
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