Science Comic strip
Updated: 12/3/2020
Science Comic strip

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  • By Sean Callanan
  • How The Humans Survived
  • Can we go back on land?
  • Mom,why are we underwater?
  • 10056
  • Well...
  • I need coffee
  • Since the 1900's, people have been using machines to help them in any way possible, and eventually they found out what they did to the environment, but that didn't stop them.
  • I want a dog
  • Off to work
  • Then, after the catastrophe of 2020, Things only got worse. Businessmen continued to burn their fossil fuels at a rapid rate. Then, after only five years, the air became too polluted to breathe, so we moved into the ocean.
  • I hope we all make it
  • This air better clear up
  • I hope this gets better
  • We had to adapt at a structural level. The ones that couldn't grow gills died, and the ones that couldn't blend in and hunt met the same fate. It was survival of the fittest, just like Darwin said.
  • I hope I survive
  • Its so cold!
  • Help
  • Wow, thanks mom.
  • I learned so much!
  • The End
  • Then, we kept adapting and here we are.