Updated: 6/2/2020

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jokes on race

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  • Hey man what's up?
  • Hey man I'm doing great.
  • So what's been going on with you?
  • Oh okay, okay, okay. I'm serious now. What kind of questions are we talking about
  • I don't know man. i like this girl but shes been saying very weird things to me. what should I do?
  • hmmm. what has she been saying to you man?
  • She's been asking me a lot of questions about me?
  • okay man I'm serious now. what kind of questions has she been asking you?
  • Ahh I see you've become quite the ladies man eh?
  • This is serious man.
  • She's been asking me if i like watermelon and fried chicken, or if i can teach her about basketball.
  • Well you do love basketball. But the others i can see how they could have hurt you.
  • I say that you should educate her on black people. Most likely shes using these stereotypes to try and find something you might be interested in .
  • Yeah it hit me right in the feels man. I really like this girl man. You have some knowledge of women. What do i do?
  • Welp. I've got to get going. See ya man
  • Later man.
  • Hmmm I've never though of it that way
  • Thanks man I think I'll try to help her with this