Updated: 5/19/2020

Storyboard Text

  • Good morning John!
  • Morning Dad!
  • Yeah, What is it?
  • Hey dad I've got a question for you.
  • I was learning Digital Technology at school and the teacher talks way to fast so i didn't understand how a computer encodes text.
  • Wow! that reminds me of my old days John. Come to my computer and i will show you.
  • When you type anything it is actually numbers that like A=12 then they put all the numbers together.
  • Next time type the 3 peice which is read,write and say.
  • Yep thats right!
  • So i need to read it then write it then say it and i will remember it?
  • Okay dad i will take your advise.
  • Next time John if you have a question always ask.