Act 3, Scene 1
Updated: 12/18/2019
Act 3, Scene 1
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  • I hope George ain't gonna be mad about the pup.
  • went out to the Riverside Dance Palace with him... so i married Curley. Met him out to the Riverside Dance Palace too.
  • ???
  • Don't you think of nothing but rabbits?
  • Well, who don't? Everybody like that. I like to feel silk and velvet. You like to feel velvet?
  • I like to pet nice things. Once at a fair i seen some of them long-hair rabbits. And they was nice, you bet.
  • I Like to pet nice things with my fingers. Soft things.
  • Curley's Wife talks to Lennie and they both go rambling about how they will leave the ranch and live a better life.
  • Here, feel. Right here.
  • when im doin my hair sometimes i jus' set there and stroke it, because its so soft.
  • Curley's wife notices Lennie isn't paying attention to her.
  • please don't do that
  • *muffled* screams
  • Lennie begins talking to her about how he likes to pet things.
  • Come Here...George!!!
  • Ain't gonna be no trouble, no fights. Nobody ever gonna hurt no-body, or steal from 'em.
  • Curley's wife then begins to talk about how soft her hair is and tells Lennie if he wants to touch her hair.
  • Lennie begins to touch her hair, and eventually Lennie starts to rub the hair harder because it is soft and he likes it. Then Curley's wife starts yelling and Lennie's reaction was to kill Curley's wife by snapping her neck with his strength, after he had covered her mouth and continued to touch her hair.
  • After the whole ranch finds out Lennie killed Curleys Wife, George and a bunch of Ranch heads go on a hunt to find and kill Lennie. Then Geogre finds Lennie, and kills him because he cares about Lennie and doesn't want him to get killed by the ranch heads or get sent to a mental hospital and be tortured.
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