Reform Movements Comic
Updated: 11/13/2018
Reform Movements Comic
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  • Frederick Douglass
  • John C Calhoun
  • Fred "The Flash" Douglass
  • Frederick Douglass was a slave who escaped the plantation he worked at in pursuit of freedom. He then became a social reformer, abolitionist, orator, writer, and politician. His main goal in life was to abolish slavery.
  • John "The Joker" Calhoun
  • John C Calhoun was a politician from South Carolina in the 19th Century. He was the seventh vice president, secretary of state, secretary of war, senator in the United States government. John is remembered mostly about his strong stance on slavery.
  • Confrontation
  • The Flash was not only a successful man, but he was a super hero. He had two superpowers that help him achieve his goal. His first superpower is speed because he was able to escape from slavery and the police. His second superpower is mind control due to his amazing speaking skills that motivates anyone listening to him to stand up against slavery.
  • The Flash has the Mic
  • The villain named "The Joker" has also superpowers that help him achieve his evil plan of spreading slavery. His first superpower is hypnotization, because he was able to persuade the people of the south and the government in keeping slavery as the main source of labor. His second superpower is being a master of disguise, because he was able to pretend that he supported state rights but in reality he did not but by supporting state rights slavery could prevail in the south.
  • The Joker was walking down the street when suddenly he saw the superhero called "The Flash". These two do not like each other because they represent two different ideals. The Flash wanted to get rid of slavery, while The Joker wanted slavery. Both man agreed to have a type of debate where each one would talk about their point of view and the people will choose who is correct. 
  • The speech Douglass gave to the people gathered in the town hall was the following: "Fellow friends and Americans, I am here today to talk to y'all about slavery. I know we are in the south and some argue that states can choose to have slaves. However, slave states should consider abolishing slavery because it is just inhumane having a person working against their will. Negros are humans just like whites and they should get the same rights and respect as whites. Thanks."
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