Pandora's Box
Updated: 1/15/2021
Pandora's Box

Storyboard Text

  • Zeus wanted to punish the people so he asked the gods to help make a special woman.
  • Zeus gave Pandora to Epimetheus as he wanted to thank him for making the animals on Earth. Zeus also gave them a box and told them never to open it.
  • Epimetheus took Pandora away to get Married.
  • After they were married, Epimetheus remembered to never take gifts from other Gods. He placed the box in a dark corner of his house.
  • Pandora wanted to know what was inside the box after some time and begged Epimetheus to open it.
  • When Epimetheus was out one day, Pandora opened the box. A terrible screaming came out of the box and the people would now suffer. The last thing to come out of the box was hope, so not all was lost.