Communication Board
Updated: 1/17/2020
Communication Board
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  • Yo Sebastian, We are going to hang out at my place later can you make it?
  • Yea, I'll be able to make it
  • Decoding:Sebastian thinking if he wants pizza
  • Do I want Cici's? Eh, it's ok.
  • We are going out to Cici's for dinner.
  • Video games in the background
  • *Joel mom talking to us*
  • This hangout is going to be crazy.
  • After we meet up at Cici's we are going to go bowling.
  • Encoding:Sebastian thinking in his head
  • Sebastian: Receiver/FeedbackElectronic Communication: Channel Joel: Sender
  • Bruh, For real.
  • Hopefully you brought some cash because everyone is chipping in.
  • Joel: SenderAlan/Freddy/Sebastian: ReceiverVideo Games: External Barrier Verbal Face to Face: Channel
  • We are going to sit here near the exit.
  • I have a feeling that we are going to get kicked out.
  • Freddy:SenderSebastian: Feedback/ReceiverReceive verbal face to face: ChannelExternal/Internal Barrier: Other people talking at the same time and Alan falling asleep.
  • The lady got mad at us but we didn't even know and hear an alarm
  • Alright Alan, grab the lightest bowling ball and throw it up in the air when bowling.
  • I didn't know that was a fire exit!
  • Joel: SenderSebastian/Alan/Freddy/Deuce/Aidan: Receivers/Decoders
  • Friends: ReceiverAlan: SenderVerbal Face to Face: Channel
  • Decoding:Freddy thinking we are going to get kicked out.
  • Friends: Receiver Adian: SenderAlan: Feedback / ReceiverVerbal face to face: Channel
  • HAHA! I'll do it, someone record me
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