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dnl bd ethologist
Updated: 6/6/2020
dnl bd ethologist
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  • What a beautiful day!
  • Ellie! Come here and chat with us,
  • Wow that's so amazing look at those dolphins you can here them communicate with echolocation
  • Honey what are you doing? Let's go.
  • Did you know that, dolphins never chew their food and can live up to 50 years!!
  • We are so proud of you, You grew so much. You can do anything you want we believe in you and we will support you whatever you do!
  • Mom,Dad I think I found my future job. I want to be an Ethologist!Ever since I was a kid I always loved animals and observe them. I was always in the garden looking for all sort of living organisms like insects animals(birds, squirrels,…) and bring them home which also annoyed you a little bit.
  • But my little baby, you know this job is really complicated and dangerous. We are scared for you sweetheart.
  • I know so much about animals, you see this turtle, it's a sea turtle.They cannot retract into their shell like other turtles. They can hold their breath for five hours underwater and they live to about 100 years!! I can also tell you more about terrestrial animals if you want.
  • I really studied for a long time about all this and I even have great grades in almost all subjects. You also know that i love teaching i have tutored so many times. I trained, I play sports, I swear I feel totally ready. I saved a lot so I am ready to study and have this Bachelor’sdegree in Animal behavior in an American University.
  • Thank you so much Mom and Dad, I swear I won't disappoint you. Let's go I have so much to tell you about this butterfly and this ants.
  • To be continued...
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