Music Discussion_week #5

Updated: 7/31/2020
Music Discussion_week #5

Storyboard Text

  • Hello, yes bring in this young boy that is a so called prodigy composer.
  • Well get on with it, I have a symphony to compose!
  • Yes, sir Maestro Mozart. This young mans name is Beethoven
  • I do believe you have what it takes to be a great composer one day, I am so sorry you have chosen to go elsewhere with your studies
  • I can't believe that I am about to meet Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, the greatest composer to date
  • That is until he meets me!
  • So you are the one they call Beethoven. Are you here in Vienna to study with me?
  • Maestro, so very nice to meet you, my name is Ludwig Van Beethoven, I am a big admirer.
  • How did it go with the young prodigy composer today? What was his name, Beethoven?
  • I might, but I heard Hayden might want to mentor me. But I think we should have a little bit of a piano duel.
  • I think Beethoven has some good musical talent but I could teach him a few things about composing and knowing how to copy my moves.
  • I like Mozart's style but not sure I can work with him. I think I will stick with Hayden.
  • Yes, I appreciate the opportunity to have played with you. I hope again to play with you one day.
  • Yes, "Keep your eyes on him, someday he will give the world something to talk about."