my story1
Updated: 1/12/2020
my story1
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  • Oh it looks very old.I have to do something.
  • Oh my god. How did that happen? Am I in the right place?
  • Once upan a time, there was a poor man who name is Tom. He lived qiete old hoese.He was often hungry. Also he dıd not fınd employment anywhere. So, he dıdn´t have so much money. That´s why he left his house for find employment Fairy who saw this very was very sad. And she want to help him.
  • You´re welcome Tom. I do everything for you
  • Thank you for everything for you do. I am grateful
  • When she entered him house, she saw old house. Windows and walls were broken also there was only one chair and old carpet.Suddenly she had an idea. She deciceded to renovated his house with her magic wand.
  • No longer I will very strong .
  • When Tom entered the house he was very surprised. He thought how his house was renovated
  • No no! this can not be
  • After that, fairy came to Tom´s house and explaind the his questions . Tom thanked for every thing. He was very happy. But when fairy went she dropped the own magic wand.
  • Then he saw fairy´s magic wand. He suddenly thought he could do everything He wanted more
  • When fairy realized that she had dropped the her magic wand she immediately returned. She hopped Tom would not use the magic wand. But Tom has already used to magic wand and turned into wolf. Fairy was very scared. He was punished for his greed.
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